With the weather promising to be nice the girls and I decided to explore somewhere new.  I had seen Langsett on Yorkshire Waters walks and leisure and this looked like a fun place to visit.  It had free entry, free parking and plenty of variety for the girls.  More importantly it was pushchair friendly and they had toilets [very important when potty training!].

We set off to explore Langsett and began walking around the reservoir.  

exploring LangsettLangsett reservoir  
 The water was so beautiful.  It is great to be able to see the beautiful landscape that Yorkshire Water own, and where they look after our water.  The paths were very pushchair friendly and beautifully lined with trees, it was very peaceful walking around.

tree lined path

The landscape started to change and we began walking through woodland.  This gave plenty of opportunity for the girls to explore and they soon both wanted out of the pushchair to have a good run around.

exploring woodsrunning through trees

The girls, and our dog, soon found one of their favourite things, Muddy Puddles!  Well no walk would be complete without one!

dog in muddy puddlesplaying in muddy puddles

The girls loved exploring and watching the water in the streams come through the hills.  There was so much for them to explore 

finding sticksexploring streams

The girls loved playing in the woods.  Our landscape changed again and became much more open.  This gave the girls even more opportunity to have a good run!

enjoying walkrunning free

It was so lovely to explore somewhere new and really great to have found such a beautiful place.  Yorkshire water are one of the country's largest landowner, with over 72,000 acres.  With all this land I think we are going to need a bit of a rest before exploring our next one!

taking a break

I am so glad that I am a Yorkshire Water customer and I can visit these beautiful places and see how Yorkshire water are taking care of our little part of the world.  All part of the blueprint for Yorkshire.

This day I love Exploring

I was asked by Yorkshire Water to visit one of their sites.  Entry to the site is free for everyone and I have not received financial compensation for writing this post.  Words and opinions are my own.

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