A garden wish list

The girls and I have a real love for the outdoors.  We would love to spend all day out in our garden and as the warmer weather approaches I am hoping we will be able to do this.  Our garden at the moment is still going through a few changes, you can read about some of them in the BIG project I did last year.  There are still a few items I would love to add so that I could transfer our family hub, the kitchen, into the outdoors for the summer.

Seating area

I would love to create a family seating area on our decking.  I want something that we could eat our dinner from but yet relax in and watch the birds in our garden [or the squirrels!].  Ideally I would love something that was practical to keep clean but yet also looked nice.  I really love the olive colours and think it would go perfect in our garden with all of our trees.

Outdoor seating
Image from http://direct.asda.com/Garden/AD0503,default,sc.html

Something for the girls

Our garden has been designed for the girls to explore and play in.  Yet I have struggled to find any garden furniture designed just for them.  I love this Sand Picnic table.  The girls would get so much enjoyment from playing in the sand and afterwards they could use it as a picnic table.  This is rather clever as it combines garden furniture and somewhere for the girls to play, maximising the available space in the garden.

sand and picnic table
image from http://direct.asda.com/Garden/AD0503,default,sc.html


Our current hub in the house is the kitchen.  The girls do a lot of messy play in here and it is where we eat our food.  As a family we also enjoy baking so our kitchen is a much loved central part of the house.  As the weather gets warmer I would love to be able to cook more outdoors and spend the same quality time together outside.  I would love a BBQ like this as I think it is more in keeping with our garden.

Image from http://direct.asda.com/Garden/AD0503,default,sc.html


Although the days are getting longer it is still a little cold outside.  I am worried about putting a gas fire burner or an open fire burner in the garden, for fear the dog or one of the girls would get hurt.  I was however drawn to this fire burner with its stars and moon patterns.  I think it would bring together both the adult and child parts of the garden together.  Creating heat as the evening gets cooler and allowing us to stay outdoors for longer.
moon and stars burner
Image from http://direct.asda.com/Garden/AD0503,default,sc.html

As the night falls I would love to be able to look out through the bedroom window at these butterfly light.  They would add an element of magic into the garden that the girls would really love

butterfly lights
Image from http://direct.asda.com/Garden/AD0503,default,sc.html

I am looking forward to the summer months to spend them outside in our garden.  What would be on your garden wish list?

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