that Butlin's feeling

Recently I was sitting in the back of a taxi, on rather a long journey.  Not one for keeping quiet, I like to talk to people, I got chatting with the driver and simply asked have you any holidays planned.  He replied:

'We have just got back from a long weekend break at Butlin's, it was fantastic'

I asked him where he went, 'Bognor', I have never been there I said 'You should, it's fantastic'.  We continued to chat and he continued to tell me all about his holiday.  It sounded like he had a fantastic time.  What surprised me most in the conversation was when he said

'I had not been to Butlin's for years.  I remember going as a kid and loving it, but I thought it would still be the same so never really wanted to go.  I was really surprised when we got there and have booked to go again this year!'

The last time I had been to Butlin's was in 1992, rather a long time ago.  We had been several times before that, to Fun Coast world, Somerwest World and 2 school trips to Starcoast world.  I have many happy memories of Butlin's and was very excited to be taking the girls.  I was eager to see what had changed, if I could recognise anything.  We decided to go to Skegness, formally known as Fun Coast world, for a weekend break.

Upon arrival, although having never been before, my eldest shouted 'Wow, Mummy this is my special holiday!'

Entry to Butlin's

She wasn't wrong.  It really was a special holiday.  We went for a weekend break Friday to Monday and we were non stop the whole time.  There was so much to see and do and with everything included the girls had non stop fun.  I am going to write a separate post on the Entertainment and another about Easter at Butlin's, as there is just far too much for one post.

Butlin's has certainly come along way and changed over the years.  Whilst I could still recognise the outer shells of the accommodation, inside they have had a complete make over.  Modern, clean and tidy and provided a great base for our break.  We only visited our accommodation to sleep, there was far too much going off on site and with the beach on your door step there is always plenty to do

Beach Butlin's Skegness

You could clearly tell as you walked round Butlin's Skegness the amount of investment that is currently been made.  How they are constantly changing and improving and listening to feedback.  The outdoor swimming pool, for example, has gone and instead has been replaced by some interactive fountains.  They create a water show to light and music throughout the day.  It was great fun watching all the kids run through the fountains.

Water fountains and splash landings

There was only one thing that has not changed in the 22 years since I last visited Butlin's.  That is that Butlin's feeling, the best way to sum this up is this

Butin's Love
I have honestly never seen my children laugh and smile so much.  They both loved every second and that gave me that Butlin's feeling too!

This day I love that Butlin's feeling

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