Saying goodbye to the Dummy

My eldest never had a dummy.  She was never bothered, my youngest however is the complete opposite.  From Day 1 she wanted that comfort, she would scream constantly every time she was in the car or not feeding.  At 4 months old she accepted a dummy.  We could at last travel in a car, she would settle at night [although she still does not sleep through] there was peace.  Then she became very attached to the dummy and I wondered if we could ever take it away.

Daughter and her dummy

The decision was made that once she turned two we would begin the weaning process.  Starting with the day time.  I began to research methods of how to say goodbye to the dummy, tips included:

1. Leave it for the dummy fairy/Easter Bunny/Father Christmas/Elf/Fairy.  Have your child say goodbye to them and then in return leave something in the Dummy place.

2.  Leave the dummy outside a Fairy door and again leave a treat in its place.

3.  Take your child to make a teddy bear and have the dummy stitched inside the bear.

4.  Go cold turkey and just not give in

5. Have your child give the dummy to a friend/relative Newborn baby and say the dummy is for the new baby

In the end we settled for cold turkey, well not settled exactly it kind of happened that way.  

She woke up this morning dummy in and I asked her for the dummy in exchange for a hug.  She agreed and then asked for her dummy back.  I distracted her by taking her to the window to watch for birds.  This worked for a short time before we had a full blown tantrum of I want my dummy.  I distracted her again, after a short tantrum, this time with the promise of baking cakes later.  I kept her busy all day and whenever she asked for her dummy I instead gave her a teddy bear and distracted her.  If I am honest I did not think the distraction would work but by lunch time she had figured out that the dummy was not coming back.

She asked again after dinner when she began to get tired.  Again the teddy was offered but she pushed it away and another tantrum was had.  I gave her lots of cuddles and kisses and eventually she calmed down.  It was not easy and I did want to give her the dummy, but I stuck to the decision.  

We began our bed time routine.  I thought after our story she would ask for her dummy but she did not.  I put her to bed and gave her a kiss.  Not once did she ask for her dummy and although she was in and out of bed more than usual we had no fight and no tears.  I am a little in shock that she went to bed without asking for her dummy and I have a feeling she is going to be up in the night.  The decision has now been made and we must stick to it.

I am feeling rather sad that this part is over, saying goodbye to yet another baby moment.  At the same time I am feeling rather relived that the dummy is finally going and I am going to be able to see more of the beautiful smile my daughter has and less of the plastic dummy.

Daughter with no dummy

Fingers crossed she manages with out.

This day I love Saying goodbye to the Dummy.

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  1. Ah well done to her - z was completely hooked and it took a few days with him. It was like the end of an era though x

    1. Im feeling incredibly guilty but it needed to be done

  2. How did she do over night? We're just tackling the bed, dummy will be next!

  3. Well done indeed, passing of an era!

  4. She has a *wonderful* smile, so big and happy! How lovely to be able to see it past the dummy? I am very impressed at how you kept up the cold turkey, I seriously suspect I'd have caved. Luckily The Boy never had one, I didn't want him to although I did try him at a few weeks old; he just held it in his open mouth and didn't know what to do. I think that was a good thing. I hope she find her teddy gives lots of lovely cuddles, far more reassuring and comforting than a dummy. Good work you!

  5. Congrats! A milestone like this is always nice =) #magicmoments


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