My Sleeping beauty

We returned from holiday this weekend and my eldest is poorly.  A DVD and duvet day was what was called for.  Better yet a Disney DVD day.  After watching some of the titles my eldest already knows and is familiar with, I decided to put on a classic for her Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping Beauty was released on Disney DVD and Disney download on the 2nd June.  It is a classic I remember from my childhood and one I wanted to introduce to the girls.  Following our recent collection of  Disney Princess figures from Kinder Eggs, Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty was the only Princess they did not recognise.

Sleeping Beauty DVD

The girls were captivated by the story of sleeping beauty.  Asking lots of questions about Maleficent and laughing at the good fairies,  Flora, Fauna & Merryweather.  The girls both needed a Disney Duvet day and it was lovely to introduce them to a classic, as well as watch some favourites.  It was also great for me to refresh my memory of Maleficent for when I go to see the new film.

It wasn't long before my eldest was a Sleeping Beauty, which was just what she needed to feel better.

My poorly sleeping beauty

This day I love My Sleeping Beauty

If you have a little one who loves Sleeping Beauty too, why not download one of the following activity sheets, perfect for keeping little ones busy

Aurora activity 2Aurora activity 1

Aurora activity 3

I was sent a preview copy of Sleeping Beauty, which has since been returned as requested.  All words and opinions are my own.

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  1. We had Sleeping Beauty as our dvd of choice during a through-the-night bout of gastro a few years ago. The MissyMoos love the movie, but to this day I can't help being reminded of that night when they ask to watch it!


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