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The girls love to have a picnic, even if its just to go and have lunch in our garden. I love taking them out too and have wanted a lovely bag to pack lunch in for some time. If I worked in an office I would use this bag here too.

The Belo and Me little bags are made from jute, which is a 100% bio degradable and recyclable fibre. I had rather a difficult time choosing a colour and a design as they were all cute but eventually settled upon the little bird design in blue.

What I love about the Belo and Me bag, other than the environmentally friendly factor, is the amount of uses it has. I can use it to carry lunch in for me and the girls for our picnics, I could use it as an alternative gift or party bag and I can use it to carry my shopping in.

I recently used the Belo and Me bag on our holiday, as it made the perfect bag to carry all those items needed on the car journey.  It was perfect for lunch in the French Riviera

Belo and me by the sea

Fitted in beautifully with the Yachts

Belo and me on the boat

It was great to have something light weight to carry our breakfast down to the beach with.  I fitted 4 mugs and 4 waffles inside with ease.

Belo and me on the beach

It is lovely and light weight and folds compact, which means I can keep it with me. No more plastic bags when shopping or for carrying lunch in, the Belo and Me bag will be used instead.  I figure if something is good enough for the Romans, then it is good enough for me too!

When in Rome

I was sent a Belo and Me bag for review.  All words are my own.

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