TalkTalk Movie night

On the occasion when the girls go to bed on time, my husband and I love to unwind after a long working day by watching a film.  TalkTalk have recently launched their brand new TV player which brings even more movies and TV shows.  We recently settled down to watch Hunger Games : Catching Fire.  

TalkTalk player houses TalkTalk movie rental service TalkTalk box office which is where we selected Hunger Games.  We were able to rent the film for £4 for 48 hours and we felt confident that no payment would be taken until we entered our TalkTalk pin number.

It was easy to browse the entire library of over 500 movies and on demand programmes, and we could clearly see which were included in our package.  It was also good to know that when one of the girls woke up we could return to the exact point where we left off thanks to the Currently Watching section.  This meant we did not miss any of the movie.

Other features of the revamped TalkTalk Player include:

·       Powerful search: Find a movie by searching by title, actor, director or keyword
·       Watchlist: Save movies and shows to watch at another time
·       More like this: Find similar programmes to your favourite shows
·       Play all: Press the green button to play every episode in a series back to back
·       Most popular: Your favourite shows and movies in one place

The TalkTalk player is a great addition to TalkTalk and really provides all round entertainment for the whole family on demand.

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  1. I had no idea that Talk Talk had so many services! x


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