Away in my airplane

The lovely thing about a good book is that it can be enjoyed anywhere.  Stories are not just for bed time, they are for all time.  Our July Parragon Book Buddy book is Away in my Airplane by Margaret Wise Brown.  We decided to enjoy our book on our little trip.

We went to visit York Gliding Centre with Granddad.  Unfortunately we were not allowed to fly and so there were no airplanes in the sky to watch, but we did get to sit in and have a look at the planes.

The girls spotted some of the gliders in the hanger and wanted to take a look at those, my eldest climbed in with her book

She then asked her Granddad to read her the story Away in my airplane, so he climbed inside and read the book to her.

After reading stories we went back outside to have a look at the other airplanes.  The girls found a two seater and climbed in.  They couldn't resist trying on the headsets.  They looked rather sweet!

 My eldest wanted to find a red plane, just like the one in her book.  We looked round the run way and in the distance we found a red plane

She headed over with Granddad and showed him that the red plane they had found was the same as the one in her book.

My daughter wanted the book reading again, so we climbed onto the bus and sat down to read the stories.  My youngest took it upon herself to guard the radio.

The girls had a lovely day with Granddad and exploring the airfield.  It was nice not only to bring the story to life for them but also to enjoy the story together whilst out.  The girls loved watching the planes, its just a shame there were non flying.

 This day I love away in my airplane

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