Raising energy levels

At Britmums Live this year I met with the lovely team at Spatone.  They were holding free Iron testing and discussing about how to keep up energy levels.  Spatone is a natural liquid iron supplement and is a gentle way to help top up iron levels to help reduce fatigue.  This was something we all needed after a busy two days at Britmums live.  

I think at times we all need a little energy boost.  Especially on those days when you have been up all night with the children and then they wake you up early the next morning.  I survive on most days with around 5 hours of sleep and people then say to me 'You must drink a lot of coffee', The thing is is I am actually allergic to caffeine, so I don't drink tea or coffee.  I also don't drink energy drinks, which leads people to wonder how I keep my energy levels up on a daily basis.

Other than I have a sweet tooth and cannot resist cake and sweets I have two ways to boost my energy.  The first is to get outside.  There is something about fresh air that gives me a boost and a lift.  I love to walk on the grass barefoot and feel the sun on my skin.  I equally like to feel the cold, it makes me feel alive.  This simple feeling gives me a boost, a mental kick.  I can just take 5 minutes in the fresh air and I feel a lot more refreshed.

getting outdoors

Another way I keep up my energy levels is watching my kids.  I know they say laughter is infectious but sometimes I think the energy my kids give off is too.  I watch them run around and play and I suddenly have a boost too.   I love playing games with the girls and I think at times they give me the energy boost that I need to keep going.

What are your tips to boost energy?

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