Potty training : night time

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My youngest slept for the first time last night without a nappy. This is a big milestone. She has however been dry 99% of nights for the past 2 weeks and I am hoping this continues.

Potty training at night is slightly different from the day. The thing is once the day becomes dry, the night tends to follow. At least this is what I have found with my two girls. There is something which can make it easier though and as mentioned in my potty tips post, it's having a potty near them in their room.

We have a Lumipotti in my youngest bedroom. The Lumipotti has a rather clever sensor which means as you approach the potty it lights up. The light is enough to illuminate the potty but not enough to wake up the child.  

I have even taken the light unit out of the potty and used it as a night light to check on the girls in their sleep. I am hoping when she is older she will use the night light from the Lumipotti to help her find the toilet in the dark.

The base of the Lumipotti seems wider and slightly thicker than ordinary potties. This is perhaps to its advantage as the last thing you want is the potty tipping over in the night. The lip is slightly higher too meaning it has less splash and catches more in the potty. Great for night time. I have found it easy to empty and clean, although do not tip out the back or the light won't work.

LumiPotti light

I think the Lumipotti has helped my youngest with confidence at night time, she knows that if she wakes up she can easily locate her potty and she does not need to wake me up to help her.

Lumipotti in room

I guess the other thing for night time is to remember accidents will happen. I have invested in mattress protectors to ensure that when they do happen its easier to change the bed and not have to worry about the mattress.

I have noticed that the longer she has been dry at day the more often she is becoming dry at night. She does have a drink before bed, as I would rather she woke with an urgency to wee of a full bladder than not waking with a half full bladder and the possible leaking accident. Maybe this is part of the success too.

My other tip is that as soon as the child wakes up in the morning, regardless of the time or how tired you are sit them in the potty as this will encourage them to go when they wake up and therefore reduce accidents.
I guess all I can say with night time training is it does happen and often it's us parents that are afraid of the accidents and therefore have a refusal to let go of the nappy than the child themselves not been dry.

We were sent a LumiPotti to review and I felt it appropriate to include in this post.  Words and opinions are my own. 

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  1. I love the idea of the Lumi potty and it will probably be the one we get when our son starts potty training. I didn't know that the light was sensitive to movement, that's a great feature x


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