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It's not often that I get sent a product to review that I hope I never have to review. I mean this positively of course. Let me explain, I was sent a baby first aid kit and the contents are obviously if your child is hurt, so that you can administer first aid. As I never want my children to get hurt I therefore hoped I never had to use the baby first aid kit.

Baby aid compact

The baby first aid kit is lovely and compact, and for something small really does contain a lot. As well as the things you would expect, bandages, anti septic wipes and plasters it also contains stickers. These stickers are a lovely way to say 'you were brave' and put a smile on your child's face, after all who doesn't like stickers.

The baby first aid kit is colourful so it can easily be located in your bag and is fastened securely by a large zip. Inside everything is kept secure and neat by two net pouches. I admit that I have also put some sachets of paracetamol inside, so that if they have a fever I have paracetamol to hand for the girls. These fitted in with no problem. The outside of the case is wipe clean and it is a great handy size to keep in your bag.

First aid in bag

In addition to the first aid kit there is also the soother. This lovely star shape is filled with a green gel, once cooled by placing in the fridge the star is used to soothe bumps and bruises. I admit to having used this after my three peaks walk on my very sore toes. The star fits inside the first aid kit if you wanted to keep them together. My eldest loves the star and after a lot of squishing and playing the star is still intact.

Baby first aid is something I am passionate about, as you will know from my previous review of the British Red Cross app. I think this baby first aid kit is a must have for all parents and it fits so neatly into a changing bag there really isn't a reason why we should all be carrying one.

We were given a baby first aid soother and kit to review.  All words and opinions are my own. 

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  1. This looks like a great set, something we haven't got and should probably have! x


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