when the sun comes out again

It was a rather wet weekend this week.  Lots of thunder storms and showers.  The girls are not ones for sitting still and were desperate to go outside.  The rain did give us the opportunity to get crafty and do some baking, but the girls love the outdoors and so every opportunity we took and got outside.

The great thing about rain is that it makes puddles and mud.  My girls love nothing more than splashing in puddles or squelching in mud.  I secretly love it too.  It is a great way to encourage them to play outside and get active by going on a walk to find muddy puddles.

We always manage to get out and get active no matter what the weather, we just make sure we wear appropriate clothes.  Although playing in the sunshine is much better.  On our exploration walk to find our mud we came across some beautiful horses, one came right up to say hello

I think it was secretly glad for some company.  The girls did manage to find their mud and some puddles, its funny how they always can.  Lucky for us the sunshine stayed out long enough for us to have a lovely walk together.

This day I love when the sun comes out again

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