Review : Oilatum Daily Junior lotion

I talk quite a bit on here about my eldest daughter having eczema.  I know for certain that dust triggers a flair but am not sure if heat does too.  The weather is quite warm at the moment and she is having a particular rough time with a flair up on the crease of her elbow [if that makes sense].  I wanted to give Oilatum a try to see if it would help her, as it is a cream I had not used before but it is one we have used in the bath.

I have heard of Oilatum before as it is a product we buy regularly to put in the bath for my eldest.  What I like is the Oilatum Daily Junior lotion is gentle enough to be used every day, and with her sensitive skin this is a huge bonus.  Her skin does often feel dry and because Oilatum Daily Junior lotion acts as a barrier on her skin, it stops water loss and maintains soft smooth skin.

Oilatum Daily Junior lotion didn't have a smell to it, other than of cream which gives me reassurance that nothing is added for the sake of making it smell nice.  We have had some creams in the past that have been quite watery and left her skin feeling greasy, but Oilatum Daily Junior was absorbed into the skin without her skin feeling greasy.  I found it has worked rather well at moisturising my hands too!

My daughter has been impressed with how fast her flair up has disappeared, I wish I had taken a before photo, as it was very red, sore and itchy causing her a lot of discomfort and now the redness  is disappearing and the itchiness has died down and she is much happier

Daughters eczema flair up

We were provided with Oilatum Daily Junior lotion for review.  All words and opinions are my own

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