Review : V8 and Lurpak cooking mist

 V8 V-fusion is a blend of fruit and veg juices and is a good way to get two of your five a day.  I have always wondered if a juice of blended fruit and veg would taste nice, as the concept sounds strange to me.  Our V8 v-fusion arrived and we had the Passion fruit, Mango and carrot juice.  I will admit to being sceptical.  

I poured us all a glass and watched as the girls drank.  They drank it all in one sitting and proceeded to ask for more.  Followed by more 

They loved it.  The blended juices really worked well together, and it is an excellent source of vitamin C.  I was really surprised by the taste, it was really nice  I am actually looking forward to trying Raspberry and Beetroot.

Lurpak have recently launched their new cook's range.  It features clarified butter, cooking liquid, cooking mist and baking.

I love the idea of the Lurpak baking, it is a soft texture blend of butter and rapeseed oil which is ready to mix straight from the fridge.  We were sent the Lurpak cooking mist to try.  

Lurpak cooking mist is a spray-able blend of Lurpak butter and rapeseed oil and whilst it is great for ensuring roasts are evenly glazed and crisp, it is also a quick way to efficiently grease pans.  We decided to put this to the test.

One of the things the girls love to eat is pizza.  We make our own pizza dough and used the cooking mist to grease the trays.  

I know from past experience that the dough can get very sticky and often sticks to the baking trays, I thought this would be a good way to see how well the Lurpak cooking mist performs.  After making the dough my eldest put her pizza on the tray and I put it in the oven to cook.  The pizza did not stick!  My eldest enjoyed her pizza.  I was pleased because the cooking mist did not add any taste to the pizza.  It was easy to use and spray and provides a quick and efficient method to grease trays.

We were sent a carton of V8 and a can of Lurpak cooking mist to try.  All words are my own opinion 

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