Eureka! Little Live pets

Eureka! Is such a wonderful place for children to explore.  We have been a few times as a family as it is on our doorstep and so when the invitation came from Little Live pets to attend their takeover we jumped at the chance.  

Little Live pets had set up an area in Eureka where they had glass decoration painting

Colouring and even face painting

It was then time for us to have a play with the Little Live Pets

My eldest was really taken with the butterfly which fluttered its wings in her hand before been placed back on its flower [to charge back up].  My eldest loved the bird which sings when you stroke it and has a play back/record function too.

Little Live Pets are set to be one of the Must have toys for Christmas and I can see why.  Starting at £9.99 they are a great gift.  It is also possible to purchase additional items, such as a birdcage for the birds.  The birds are my personal favourite as the singing is rather uplifting.

The Little Live Pets area was always really popular with children wanting to play with the birds and the butterflies.  After a lovely lunch we decided to explore Eureka.

Eureka is the national children's museum and it is clear to see why.  Children are free to explore and touch and interact with the museum and all that is in it.  My girls loved learning and exploring and their favourite area was when they got to be midwives and play with the babies.

They got to shop and drive cars

Climb inside giant teeth and a giant nose

Even climb the walls

I love this idea so much I am trying to work out how I can re create it at home.

The girls had so much fun.  It was lovely watching them learn through play and explore everything around them.  I can see Little Live pets featuring on both girls Christmas wish list.

This day I love Eureka! Little Live pets.

Little Live pets provided us with entry to Eureka and lunch.  All words and opinions are my own.

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