Review : the Happy's

The girls recently took delivery of a very Happy parcel.  Inside was lots of things to make them happy, sweets, pencils, and a dog called Chance.

Our happy parcel

Chance is a very happy little dog who likes to run around and follow his happy treat.

Chance our happy dog

Chance also has three other happy friends Mittens, Sport and Bently and they look like just as much fun.  The girls love to play with Chance and laugh as he follows the treat.  They run and crawl around the floor after him and he often gets lots of cuddles [watching out for long hair and loose clothes].  Chance is very happy and my youngest adores him.

Our video review shows Chance in action and also hear a little about what we thought

We were sent a Happiness box as shown in the image containing Chance.  All words are my own opinion. 

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