It's my last day

My eldest daughter woke up rather excited this morning.  

'It's my last day'

She shouted over and over again.

She was very excited that today was her last day at Pre school, I on the other hand am rather sad.  It is a sign she is growing up and no longer my baby or toddler but is now a little girl about to start school.  Since her visit at school she has been eager to start and disappointed every morning when I take her to pre school, and asking not to go.  Her reason is is that now she is 4 she has to go to school not pre school.  Although she has loved her time at pre school she is ready for school, I am not sure I am ready though.

Eldest smiling

My eldest, I love you so much.  Everyday you make me proud and I look forward to watching you grow as you start the next part of your journey.

This day I love It's my last day.

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