I love my sleep.  Before having the girls I would have spent all day in bed if I could.  I have even slept and missed an entire day before.  Now a lie in is classed as anything past 7 am and if I get more than 2 hours solid sleep I have had a good night.  When I do manage to sleep I want that sleep to be good quality.  I never know how long I will get and I need my sleep.

The sleep council have created a fun initiative called Sleeptember.  The idea is to reinforce the importance of a good nights sleep and to remind people of the health benefits.  Poor sleep has been linked with diabetes, heart problems and stroke.  They have come up with 5 things we can do to try and improve our sleep quality.

1.  Remove technology from the bed room.  

Technology in the bed room can make it difficult to switch off and unwind.  Even the smallest glow can unconsciously keep you alert when you should be asleep.  I know this to be true and have my phone face down at night so any glow from a notification does not disturb me.  

2. Invest in a new bed

Beds should be replaced every 7 years.  We may not notice the change in our beds as they gradually deteriorate over time, but this change can rob us of up to an hour's sleep.  I need a new bed especially given the amount of sleep I could get.

Whilst I am still waiting on the new bed, I have noticed an improvement on the quality of my sleep with a new mattress.  I have a beautiful memory foam mattress from Dormeo.  As I sleep mainly on my side this medium firm mattress is perfect for me.  It also is lined with silver which means it has anti bacterial properties.  It provides great support and I have noticed that I am not suffering with as much aches in my shoulders since changing mattresses.  

3. Routine

Going to bed and waking up at the same time sets your body into a rhythm and helps regulate sleep.  I have certainly noticed a difference with my sleep now that I am getting up earlier during the week for the school run.  

4. Wind down

Make sure you have some time to unwind before going to bed.  I found pilates and a good book a great way to de-stress before coming to bed.

5. Create the perfect environment.

Creating an environment which is relaxing and inviting to sleep will also aid in a good night sleep.  Invest in some good curtains or blinds that will keep the light out and make the room dark.  Make the room as peaceful and quiet as possible too.

In order to create a beautiful sleep environment I invested in some new bedding from Next.  My favourite is the black velvet panel set.  This beautiful bedding adds a real touch of class with the soft black velvet panels and the silk like texture to the bedding.  Like all bedding from Next, and I have bought a few sets from there, they really do last and are of great quality.

So whilst it might not be possible to control all external factors to your sleep, such as the kids waking up, many things we can control.  Setting a good wind down and bed time routine are perhaps two of the easiest to do.  I would certainly recommend investing in some new bedding to help create the perfect environment.  I had never thought we really needed a new mattress but having experienced a great difference to how my back and shoulders feel, having just moved to a new Dormeo mattress, I would also really recommend looking at replacing the mattress to really help improve the quality of your sleep.

I was sent a Dormeo mattress and a bedding set from Next to review [although I have purchased Next bedding previously].  All words and opinions are my own.

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  1. I really should take notice of this post.....I never sleep very well. I blame our mattress as it's lumpy but I know it's because of the TV in the room and the fact I don't wind down before bed.....

    1. Love to know how you do get on if you change anything


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