Playing with Friends

My eldest was very lucky to start school with one of her best friends from pre school.  Her pre school was not attached to her school, so it was nice that there was someone there she knows.  What is also great is her friend lives around the corner.  

We had a nice walk over there this morning and the girls spent the day playing.  As it was not raining this gave us a great opportunity to have a Friends and Family outdoor fun day.  The girls practised their skills with the egg and spoon race

Followed by lots of giggles with a three legged race.  We had Mummies Vs Girls, Family Vs Family and Sisters Vs Friends.  It was a lot of fun and lots of giggles.

Our final game was throwing bean bags as far as we can and of course some running!

After all that playing it was time to head over to the park and play on the swings.

A great way to end a great day playing with friends.

This day I love playing with friends.

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