Sugru - The future needs fixing

This week it is waste less live more week.  We seem to live in a society that when something is broken we no longer fix it, as it is simply more convenient to replace it.  We need to rethink and think about the environmental and social impacts that this has.  Sometimes all we need is a little creativity and we can make something new again

I am more than happy to give a creative project ago, and whilst it may not always work out 'Pinterest perfect' I would still rather try.  I have rather a creative mind it is the putting into practise that often let's me down.  

When I was sent some Sugru I got my head in gear and thought up a few projects.  If you don't know what Sugru is after watching the above video, Sugru is a self setting rubber that feels like play dough and it is able to bond to almost anything.  When left over night turns into a flexible silicon.  I came up with an idea.

Sugru is brilliant for fixing things I fixed some cables, my phone case and some pan handles, but I wanted to make something.  The first thing I made was a radiator cap, to be honest not the most exciting but it was a necessity and I knew Sugru would withstand the heat of the radiator.  It works and to this day, almost three months later, is still doing the job.

If you saw my recent post in which I made a snow globe you would have seen my snowman that I made from Sugru.  The lovely thing about Sugru is that you can mix colours together to get an exact match.  I had made the snowman from white Sugru but didn't have an orange so I mixed red and yellow.

I was then able to make a nose for my snowman.

After my snowman and my radiator cap I then got thinking again.  This time I decided to make something even bigger.  I made an iPad case.

How to make an iPad case

1. Take an old hardback book.  Make sure that the tablet/phone is smaller than the book, as the book forms the basis of the cover.  Also check the thickness of the book.

2. Remove the pages from the book

3. Cover the book with your choice of paper.  Alternatively if you like the book cover then skip this step.  I also covered the book with sticky back plastic just to make it wipe proof.

4. Cover the iPad/tablet/phone with cling film.  This stops the Sugru sticking to the iPad/tablet/phone.

5. Place tablet onto the cover and mark the corners.  This is where the hooks will go. Take tablet away and put to one side.

6. First place a dot of Sugru over the marks.  Then using 4 equally sized balls roll them into sausages and on each corner press the sausage into the Sugru dot.

7. Put the tablet back onto the book.  Then bend the sausage over the tablet to form a hook.

8. Leave to dry over night.

9.  Remove tablet and take tablet out of cling film.  Your case is now ready to be used.

For more ideas on Sugru follow my Pinterest boards.

I was provided with Sugru to review.  All words and opinions are my own.

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