Cold nights and snuggly onesies

The temperature seems to have dropped quite a bit recently.  It is starting to feel colder at night and even more first thing in the morning.  Getting up and walking downstairs in the cold, having breakfast in the cold kitchen I decided to look for something to keep me and the girls warm.

Yesterday my youngest and I was doing our weekly food shop in Asda and we decided to take a look at the night wear range in George.  I could not believe the amount of onesies they had.  They stocked everything from character to Christmas, plain to patterned.  I was a little over whelmed by the choice.

I had a good look at all the onesies they had but could not make up my mind.  I have narrowed it down to 2 for me, 2 for the girls and wondered if you could help me decide?

So for my self I am thinking between these

 With us just getting a spotty dog we are a little spotty dog crazy in this house at the moment, so the dog print really stood out to me.  The other onesie is made of fleece so would keep me warmer and I think is a more subtle print.

For my eldest

She loves Disney Princess and has the bedding which matches this onesie.  She also loves Doc McStuffins and I love the accessory which comes with this onsie, making it a little different.

For my youngest

My youngest loves Hello Kitty and Minnie Mouse.  The Hello Kitty ones look more like PJ to me but I think she would prefer the Minnie Mouse print

I also really like this onesie for both girls for Christmas

I think they will look rather cute in this opening up their presents together on Christmas morning.

So which Onsies should I get?  I would love to know what you think, as I really cannot decide.

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  1. Go for the dog print one! I have a fleece onesie and it's just tooooo warm (and believe me, I never thought that was possible).


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