Review : Hotpoint Ovenspace electric single oven mirrored glass OSHS89EDC oven

I was recently sent the Hotpoint Ovenspace electric single oven to review.  I was looking for an oven the size of a single oven but with a large capacity.  Having always had an electric oven I also wanted to stick with what was familiar.  

The Hotpoint Ovenspace electric single oven has a 70l capacity.  In comparison to others this is quite large, yet it has the same dimensions as an electric single oven and so fitted perfectly in the space of the previous oven.  There was nothing complicated about installation, although I would recommend at least two people as it is a little heavy.

It has a beautiful mirrored finish which adds a touch of class into the kitchen.  The majority of controls, including on and off, are touch buttons meaning the oven front is easy to wipe clean.  Upon switching the oven on you hear a beep and the panel illuminates in a soft orange.

I found the panel very user friendly, by using the control to the left I can scroll through menu options.  I like that there is an auto cook function for meat, bread and cakes.  I haven't yet tried these out but love the recipe included in the instruction book for bread.

Other than looking sleek, modern and stylish the Hotpoint ovenspace electric single oven is rather clever.  It features a rather clever divider.

The divider allows you to separate the oven into two, creating two smaller cooking spaces.  You can choose to cook with or without the divider in place.  This means you save on heating the whole oven, if you only wanted to cook one dish.  This saves time, for pre heating, and also money.  The divider is much smarter than this.  It also prevents smells crossing it.  This means you can cook both a savoury dish and a desert at the same time.  Each section within the divider can be set to different temperatures.  Which means no more waiting for one thing to cook before cooking the next.

There are also some great safety features including audible beeps to alert when switched on, and if the divider unit is in place.  The trays feature grooves so that they do not keep sliding and fall out the oven, there is a gentle lift to them.

I have been really impressed with the Hotpoint Ovenspace Electric single oven.  It not only looks fantastic but in my opinion is fantastic.  I am still trying to figure out how they can make a single oven do so much without taking up more space.

Whilst I was sent a Hotpoint Ovenspace to review, all words and opinions are my own.

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