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I used washable nappies with my daughters and washable wipes. I never thought for a second that simply just washing them would not be enough. Yet it surprised me to know that even after being washed at 40c bacteria can spread from the clothes to the washing machine and then to other clothes. It isn't just nappies and wipes, think about the number of leaky nappies on clothes or baby sick, these bacteria can spread too. Whilst I am not trying to scaremonger and I understand the need for some bacteria in order for us to develop immunity I also think its important to keep clothes and food surfaces clean.

The lunchbox is another place I struggle to keep clean. Crumbs often get lodged in the corners and even after washing and a rinse I still find them. Only 48% of parents clean and disinfect their child's lunch box daily. 90% of dishcloths are also contaminated with bacteria. The lunch box can then become a breeding ground for E.coli, salmonella and staph.aureus. The increase and decrease in temperature with lunch boxes helps the germs to multiple quickly.

Keeping the lunchbox cool by packing frozen water bottles inside is one way to control the temperature. Discarding left over food straight away will also help keep things clean.

The best thing to do though is follow the ABC

A - additional anti bacterial protection

Ensure using the correct anti bacterial products around the home and they are safe for all members of the family, including babies.

B - be aware of bacteria

Ensure good hand washing hygiene to help stop spread. Use a good anti bacterial hand wash. Wipe surfaces with a clean cloth. Help to minimise spread

C- clean hygienically

Make sure any surface that comes into contact with babies, young children or food are cleaned with antibacterial products. Ensure washed hygienically.

For lunch boxes or surfaces I use Dettol antibacterial surface cleanser or wipes. These have come in very handy with a puppy that isn't yet toilet trained. Dettol with e45 softness is great for keeping hands fresh and killing 99.9% of bacteria, perfect for hand washing.  I also regularly use Dettol Antibacterial laundry cleaner in my wash.  It has no smell to it and with a daughter with very sensitive skin she has had no adverse reaction to it.

I received some antibacterial wipes to write this post.  All words and opinions are my own

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