Heinz has half term covered

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It's half term week and that means keeping the children entertained and trying to cook dinner at the same time. Thankfully for us we received a lovely package from Heinz beans

100 years on and Heinz are still coming to the rescue. This new range from Heinz has given me inspiration and quick cooking ideas. They are perfect on their own, as a side or to be used in a main meal. Both girls love baked beans on toast and this new range still gives them 2 of their 5 a day in half a can. They are also naturally high in fibre and low in sugar and fat with no artificial colour, flavour or preservatives.

Heinz beans

We have so far had the Tuscan beans with some chicken dippers and roast potatoes. They made a great change to the usually side accompaniment. I really enjoyed them and have decided to use another tin in a sausage and bean casserole.

Slow cooker sausage and bean casserole

Cook the sausages and place in the slow cooker, along with a tin of Tuscan beans from Heinz. Add a tin of chopped tomatoes and a sprinkle of mixed herbs. Add water to create a sauce around 300ml. Cook on high for 4 hours.

Adding 400g of mince meat to the veg chilli beans creates a wonderful chilli con carne or eat without the meat for a veggie chilli. A great quick and easy main meal. The fajita beans were great warmed and used in a wrap for lunch, they would also work well as a side dish with some pork.

It is safe to say that Heinz has really helped me out this half term by giving me quick healthy alternatives for both dinner and lunch.

We were sent 3 tins of the Heinz beans to try.  All words are my own personal opinion. 

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