It's #doctober

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Yesterday we were lucky enough to be hosts for #doctober. Doc mcstuffins is a favourite of my girls, so to be having a doc mcstuffins party was a great opportunity for them. I spent the day getting the house ready and putting up the party games. I had set up a play dough activity with cutters using our home made play dough. Our new puppy gave me some help with setting things up.

My eldest came home from school and got changed into her doc mcstuffins outfit ready for the party to begin. Just before the party started we received some bad news that 3 of our guests were unable to attend and through very unfortunate circumstances. Our other guests all arrived at the same time and the party started.

The play dough area was a huge hit, with everyone making shapes and having fun. Even commenting on how nice the play dough smells. Our guests loved the doc mcstuffins toys, clinic carry case, walk doc mcstuffins and dressing up sets. I had brought down some of our doc mcstuffins toys too, which everyone enjoyed playing with.

It was soon time for food, they were all hungry and with the promise of cake if they ate their dinner the food disappeared fast. 

The cake had got slightly squished in the post but it tasted amazing. The icing even had a strawberry flavour to it, very yummy.

There was more playing after dinner followed by a stick the plaster game. There was a slight bit of cheating mainly from my eldest, but the game was a lot of fun to play.

It was time for our final game. We all sat round in a circle and took it in turns to make our toys better, just like doc mcstuffins. Everyone used the tools from the carry case clinic to be just like doc mcstuffins. the time soon flew by and it was time for our guests to go home. Everyone took home a goody bag and a sticker and went home with a smile on their faces. A really lovely evening and a great doc mcstuffins twitter party.

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