My favourite Christmas Experience

 I'm going to be honest why I say I never really got Christmas.  I never really have.  Two years ago something changed and I realised what Christmas was all about.  We got up that morning and the girls came eagerly downstairs.  They opened the doors and saw their presents from Father Christmas.  

My eldest had just got the concept of Father Christmas and was excited that he had bought her presents.  It was my youngest first Christmas and she was so excited by all the bright paper and toys.  Our dog, J, was excited by everything going off. It was magical.

The air was full of magic and excitement.  My eldest was running around with excitement and my youngest was crawling.  She was in all the paper and the dog was chasing the paper too.  There was lots of laughing and giggling.  Everyone was having fun, including J.  Watching the girls and J have so much fun is the moment I realised what Christmas was all about.  It was this moment.  This was my favourite Christmas experience.

I would love to be able to take the girls to experience the magic of Lapland and am writing this post for a competition by Transun to be in with a chance of winning this amazing holiday.  You can see all the entries by following #TransunXmas on twitter.  Wish me luck.

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  1. Aw this is lovely! I happily admit to being a bit of a Christmas Grinch in the run up then the spirit of christmas personified when it actually arrives but it is so true it really is all about the kids!


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