A Santa Maria Fajita Film night

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Sometimes during the week when I have picked the girls up from school I need a quick and simple solution to dinner. I just simply do not have the energy to cook and all I really want to do is sit and cuddle the girls on the sofa. With half term fast approaching I also want something quick and easy for dinner so I can spend as much time with the girls as possible. Lucky for me Santa Maria came to my rescue.

They sent me a rather lovely red box which contained everything I needed to make fajitas. A quick simple and tasty meal. We used the BBQ flavouring which contained just the right amount of spice for the girls, who loved their fajitas. Whilst I was cooking I opened the nachos and onion dip which the girls took great delight in scooping up onion dip into the middle of the nacho crisps. The onion dip wasn't too overpowering with onion and wasn't too sour. The girls and I loved it.

Fajita are really quick and simple to make and with Santa Maria providing everything I needed from wraps, to sauce all I had to do was provide the meat and cook. As dinner was easy to prepare and hadn't taken too much time there was time after dinner to have a cuddle on the sofa and watch the girls favourite film, Frozen.

What a perfect night thanks to Santa Maria. Quick and tasty food giving me time to have a snuggle with the girls before bed.

 I was sent a Santa Maria box and a Frozen DVD for the purpose of review.  All words and opinions are my own.

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