Our day at the National Pet show

My youngest loves animals.  All animals from spiders to Dogs, with the exception of flies she has a phobia about flies.  Anyway when I saw the National pet show advertised I was keen to take the girls as it sounded a lot of fun.  There promised to be duck herding, dogs dancing and rabbit show jumping.  I could not wait to see what it was all about.

I was amazed.  We spent the first hour running around not sure where to go or what to see, there was a lot.  After getting myself organised we did each section at a time, small furies, cats, dogs and other animals.  I checked the planner and decided what shows to see.  The day then was a lot more structured.

The National pet show offered everything.  The chance to meet all kinds of animals.  The girls held a snake, chameleon, some weird bug, touched an armadillo, tortoise, horse, donkey, rabbit, cat [lots of breeds], dogs [even more breeds], chicken, rat and spider.  There was every kind of animal there with experts on hand to tell you all about them.

There were stalls selling everything from Pet food to clothes for us humans.  I had a great chat with Almo Nature, who if you have read this post know that I love their products [or rather our dog does].  I purchased a collar for our Puppy from Bandana boutique as they are just some of the best designs we had seen on collars and some of the best made.  

The girls were treated to a t shirt from PawprintsLondon, and to be honest I wish I had also bought them a jumper each.  The designs are fantastic and the t shirts have washed really well.  One of my favourite non animal stands though was from Sketch your pet.  If you are looking for a gift for a pet lover I would recommend them after seeing there work, I might have a few ideas for presents myself.

 The National Pet show also had lots of hands on activities for children.  They could ride pretend horses, practise dressage, hop like bunnies and even do some show jumping 

 It is not often that you go to a show like this and it has been tailored for children and families.  My girls loved every second and did not get bored the whole day we were there.  

The highlight for my eldest daughter was watching the shows.  She loved the police dog demonstration.  Her favourite though was watching a dog dance to Frozen.  To be honest all who watched that performance had a tear in their eye.  My youngest just loved that she could interact with so many types of animals.  

The National Pet show is a must if you like animals, have children or own a pet.  It is an amazing day out and so much more than cute furry animals.  To get a taster I video a few sections of our day

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