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My girls have developed a rather lovely game in the morning. It is called find my toothbrush. They seem to randomly hide their toothbrush in weird and wonderful places after brushing their teeth. Even if they brush them in the bathroom the toothbrush ends up somewhere else in the house. I get a little frustrated with this game. I wonder how clean their toothbrushes are and often change them more frequently than the recommended 3 months.

The toothbrushes end up face down on a surface and whilst I clean regularly I would still prefer the toothbrush not to be put there. I have tried toothbrushes with sucker ends but the girls think these are fun to stick to my windows or even the TV which often leaves me finding them in even more wonderful places.

The Rockabilly kid toothbrush features 6 different characters and a unique rockabilly. The base is heavy and rounded and is designed to wobble but it will not lie flat. The girls have tried everything they can think of to get the toothbrush to lie flat but it will not. This means they cannot place it face down on the table, or if they do it wobbles upright.

Whilst the base is weighted it's not too heavy as to make it hard work for a 2 or 4 year old to use. The shape is a great feel that it is easy and comfortable to hold. The different characters means there is a character suited to most personalities. The girls have Vet Valerie which suits them as they both love animals.

The Rockabilly toothbrush retails at £6.99. Not only do you get the main toothbrush with a head already attached, you also get 3 spare heads. This means you have a toothbrush which could last for an entire year. The rockabilly toothbrush is therefore affordable and will last.

Both girls enjoy the uniqueness of the Rockabilly toothbrush. I love not having to hunt for a toothbrush in a weird and wonderful hiding place.

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