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I was recently selected as part of Karl's reviewers team for #boschhair and was one of the first people to try the Bosch ProSalon AC Compact Hairdryer. I was really pleased to be selected, I have very thick hair and often struggle to find appliances which will dry it without causing a lot of frizz.

If you are a fan of friends, my hair is similar to Monica's. When she travelled to Barbados her hair went frizzy with the heat and humidity, my hair does the same. I am also not a pro when it comes to drying hair, so I just want simple, uncomplicated and works.

The Bosch ProSalon AC Compact Hairdryer offered me just this. Whilst it does have some clever technical bits, like cold air and ion blasts, it is very simple to use. The heat settings are such that even on mid setting the heat is sufficient to dry my hair. The speed settings are great too and are easy to locate whilst using the Bosch ProSalon AC Compact Hairdryer.

I did however think I had broken it when I switched it on and it came out cold. It turns out the previous use I had pressed the cold buttons and it just remembered the setting, the Bosch ProSalon AC Compact Hairdryer comes with two add on attachments.

Overall this is a great hair dryer. It is simple to use, yet has additional pro features if needed. It looks stylish and it is great to hold. It works really well drying my thick hair quickly with little frizz.

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