A team challenge 10 update

For those not familiar back at the start of September I was picked to take part in #Teamchallenge10.  This challenge sees 10 bloggers come together to run 10 miles in 10 months time.  The challenge is set by Mytwomums and I was rather delighted, if not nervous, to have been selected to take part.

My original plan was to do a monthly update, unfortunately September was a little busy and October saw injury, so here is my update and a few things I have learnt so far:

As promised here are run times and stats so far:

1. 3.13 miles, 55:37, avg 17.47 min/mi
2. 2.59 miles, 39:40, avg 15:18 min/mi
3. 2.79 miles, 35:30, avg 12:45 min/mi
4. 2.07 miles, 25:48, avg 12.28 min/mi
5. 2.06 miles, 27:57, avg 13.33 min/mi
6. 0.97 miles, 10:46, avg 11.05 min/mi
7. 4.66 miles, 1:05:07, avg 13.59 min/mi
8. 5.14 miles, 1:13:47, avg 14.21 min/mi
9. 3.31 miles, 41:58, avg 12.42 min/mi
10 3.62 miles, 41:25, avg 11:27 min/mi

I am slowly seeing some improvement on the length of time I can run for and also noticing an improvement on min/mi which is good news.  I hope I can fit in another update before Christmas.

Please cheer me on as I run, I need all the encouragement there is especially in the cold weather.

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