Ducks and dogs

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With my eldest now at school and I am working freelance from home, I can take some time out occasionally to spend with my youngest and fit work around her. I am so grateful for this time together and creating memories I may have missed if I was at work.

It appeared a dry (ish) day today and when I asked my youngest what she wanted to do she ran to the cupboard, grabbed some bread, and declared she wanted for feed the ducks. I thought it a wonderful idea and so we took the dogs with us and headed out.

The weather stayed dry, thankfully, and we found a spot where my youngest and I could feed the ducks. We had soon run out of bread but the ducks kept coming. They seemed to all flock towards us. It didn't bother my youngest who said we needed to go and buy more bread.

Feeding the ducks
It was lovely to spend some time with my daughter doing something she wanted to do and it made a welcome change from watching frozen!

This day I love Ducks and dogs

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