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Menopause is a period in every woman’s life that lasts from 15 to 20 years (beginning around age of 45, ending during 60s). During this period, female body goes through transition from being capable to bear child to losing this function. It is especially notable because function of the ovaries stops at this time. However, these changes also affect other systems within the body. Also, during this period, women will lose her menstruation. Loss of this function usually happens within 2 years starting around age of 47. 

Biologically, even though woman is getting older, hypophysis continues production of all necessary substances. However, ovaries are getting older and less capable of responding to stimuli received from hypophysis. Because of this, matters that are being produced by ovaries such as estrogen and progesterone are no longer being made.  Change itself is not the problem. Body simply cannot allow itself to give birth to babies. In a sense, menopause is a way for organism to protect itself. However, even though this is normal, symptoms that are created during menopause can be quite annoying. 

First thing that comes into mind when we mentioned menopausal disturbances are hot flashes. Besides this, women will experience, dizziness, headache, pain in joints and many other physical and mental issues. When we talk about long term effect of estrogen loss, most women need to face osteoporosis or loss of bone density. Hot flashes can be described as upward heat waves coming from stomach to head. Women can go red, start sweating and when the episode is over, she might feel chills. 

This can last from couple of seconds to half an hour. Some people experience hot flashes couple of time per day. During night, they can cause insomnia and night sweat. Treatment of hot flashes is done by using medicines. Buy Estrogel online to quickly get rid of this menopausal nuisance. However, have in mind that entire process needs to be controlled by your doctor because hormonal drugs can lead to cancer. 

During menopause, physical changes are also occurring inside a vagina. Lack of hormone deprives vagina from acidity making it susceptible to infections. Estrogen also contributes to maintaining moist within vaginal walls. Due to low of estrogen, organ is no longer able to lubricate itself. Because of this, vagina will lose its natural properties resulting in painful intercourse.  Unfortunately, vaginal dryness together with bad communication with partner may lead to loss of libido. 

Specialists from You! Drugstore recommend Estrogel. This drug is excellent for eliminating symptoms of hot flashes and vaginal dryness. It comes in form of a gel and it needs to be applied on skin. But, patient needs to be careful not to put it on damaged, irritated, infected skin. People who have liver disease, bleeding or clotting issues, heart issues vaginal bleeding, breast or uterine cancer, should avoid this medicine. Estrogel needs to be used under careful doctor’s supervision. Medicine is quite volatile and it can cause irritations, pain, fast heartbeat, cancer, sore skin and many other issues.

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