Meet Ellie and Eddie

It seems a long time ago that I was talking to the team at Aveeno at Britmums live.  They were introducing us to Ellie and Eddie an awesome duo of best friends.  The acclaimed children's author Penny Harper has teamed up with Aveeno to write a series of books aimed at addressing the difficulties that children with eczema face.

My eldest daughter is one such child.  The winter weather seems to be making her eczema much worse.  I think its due to the layers of clothes she wears to keep warm, whatever it maybe her skin is going through a bad patch at the moment.  The stories of Ellie and Eddie have been a great way to reassure my eldest that she is not alone.

The book has also helped to reinforce good skin care with my eldest and has helped us to make sure she has her cream on.  

We are currently testing Aveeno cream with my eldest.  I have to admit it is one of the smoothest creams we have tried on her and does dry quickly.  She is currently experiencing a flair up, and the Aveeno cream does help to soothe her itch.  I have noticed a reduction in the redness but her skin is still bleeding from where she has scratched it so much.  I am hoping it won't take much longer to clear now we have the itching under control.

We were sent a parcel of Aveeno cream to try and a book.  All words are my own personal opinion 

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