Pootling in my Hootle

Before I tell you a little bit about the Hootle and our adventures I just wanted to give you some basic statistics:

Group0+ & 1
Age/Weight Birth - 4Yr /18Kg
DirectionForward facing only
Installation type3 point seat belt
Harness/Shield5 Point Harness
Location in carOnly compatible on seats with 3 point retractor safety belts, and which face direction of travel.  If used on front seat with air bag, refer to instructions in vehicle owner's manual.
Headrest adjustableNo
InstructionsPaper copy and on side of seat
AssemblyNo Assembly required
Ease of First InstallationVery easy to install first installation within 5 minutes.
Depth, Height WidthL: 63cm W: 53cm D: 46cm
Weight7.9 KG
Testing and CertificationECE R 44/04

I was surprised at how light the Hootle is to pick up, this makes it great for transferring between cars.  The Hootle can be used rearward facing as a Group 0+ seat, which you follow the blue installation.  I did not try this as my youngest daughter is just over 15Kg.  I followed the red installation.

Installation took a minute, which had me confused as I was expecting something more complicated.  So I installed again.  Double checked and worked out that was right.  I did discover that I was unable to install on my front seat because of the shape of the seat meant that the Hootle did not sit flat on the seat and I was unable to get it secure.

There is a small conversion which needs to take place on the Hootle to make it from Group 0+ to Group 1.  This involves changing the seat padding and harness straps.  The first time I attempted this I was in a rush and confused myself.  I came home sat down with a drink and wondered why I had made it so complicated earlier.  It was actually easy to understand.

The Hootle features on of the best padding around the buckle.  It is lovely and high up meaning it goes over the tummy and stops the buckle pressing in.

The Hootle features washable covers, an easy one handed recline and of course as it is Cosatto beautiful patterns and design.

Both girls love the Hootle, they call it the Flower car seat.  I am able to use it with both girls as it is versatile enough to accommodate their weights. 

The Hootle has joined us on many adventures and for both long and short car journeys.  Both girls enjoy using the Hootle.  It is very easy and simple to install, but like all car seats should be checked for compatibility in your car.  As I found out it would not fit securely on the front seat of my car due to the shape of my seats.  The Hootle is well padded and has gorgeous patterns and is comfortable for a sleep.

My eldest daughter is able to fasten the Hootle but cannot unfasten it.  This is good as it ensures it remains secure when she is in the car

We have had a lot of fun using our Hootle and sang many songs.

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