Review : Joolz Day

I won't lie, I have really struggled to write this review.  In fact I have started and stopped and changed it so many times.  I began writing this back in July and it is now November.  You see for me the Joolz day is a great Pushchair except for one thing.  I cannot fold it.  I simply cannot fold it, I have tried everything.  The quickest time it has taken me is 35minutes.

This is where I am struggling to write the review.  It is a dream to push.  Really light weight and incredibly responsive.  I had no issues pushing with one hand, I could walk the dog with ease and push.  The handle bar is adjustable and I found it a great height.  The padding on the handle bar also made it really comfortable.  I was a little worried about the stitching but I actually did not notice it.

It was easy to clip either the carry cot or the seat unit on.  I loved that the carry cot could collapse to fold but yet remained sturdy when on the wheels.  I did not use the carrycot but it looked beautiful and really comfortable.  The seat unit has an adjustable footrest which was lovely and long, my daughter found it very comfortable to use.

The hood was a great size and easy to use, providing plenty of shade when needed.  The height of the seat was such that I felt my daughter was more on eye level, of course not quite as high, but I did feel she had a better view point than in most pushchairs.  I also kept forgetting to put the bumper on.  It was so easy to remove with one hand that I would remove and forget to put back in place.

The brake is in the middle of the lower bar, instead of one side.  This took a little while to get used to but the brake was easy to switch on once I had got used to the positioning.  Due to the positioning of the brake this means the basket, which is a bag, has a gap in the middle.  As I discovered this gap is the perfect size for a bottle of suncream to fall through.  Whilst the bag is of a decent size and holds quite a lot, do be careful what is put in there in case it falls through the gap.

I really absolutely love the Joolz Day.  If I was to purchase another travel system this would be a serious contender.  What stops me is that I struggle to fold it.  I have watched numerous YouTube videos, read the instructions and watched others but I just cannot get it to fold.  It takes my husband a good 10-15 minutes too to fold.  When it does fold it folds really compact and fitted into the boot of my car.

I was not asked to write this review.  I have received no monetary compensation and do not own the product reviewed. 

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