The bully and the shrimp

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Bullying is a very serious issue and one which need to be addressed with sensitivity and understanding. As my daughter has started school it is something that I am on the look out for, not that I expect it to happen just that I am aware of the possibility that it could. In Order to help address this sensitive issue Parragon books have developed a picture book to help address bullying and is aimed at both parents and school aged children.

The bully and the shrimp has been developed in conjunction with school teachers and child development experts. The book follows the story of Noah shrimpton. Noah is small for his age, but being small is not bad. Following Noah at school the story progresses to how Noah is slowly bullied by a bigger boy. Noah becomes scared and is too afraid to tell anyone about the bully. The story shows how Noah copes and slowly builds his confidence to ultimately stand up to his bully.

Not only is this a great story to show children and to help them gain confidence should this be happening to them, it also gives a discussion point with your children so that you can find out if they are also being bullied. At the back of the book is a helpful page for parents with tips on how to tackle bullying. The bully and the shrimp is a very clever way to address bullying in school children.

the bully and the shrimp

We were provided with this book as part of our partnership with Parragon Books.  All words are my own opinion. 

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