Late afternoon walks

I love where we live it is so close to a variety of walks and some great places to explore.  We were in need of fresh air and to stretch our legs so we went off on a walk.  It was a beautiful afternoon and we decided to feed a few ducks [the girls always ask to feed ducks]

feeding ducks in the afternoon

It was really peaceful standing next to the water and watching the ducks.  We soon ran out of bread so we began exploring the nearby wood.  The girls took great delight in climbing the trees and running though all the leaves.

climbing trees

It was a really beautiful afternoon and lovely to watch the girls explore.

This day I love late afternoon walks

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  1. I love the picture of the geese and ducks with the later afternoon sun shining on the water ... although I have to admit to being more than a bit scared of geese. I do hope your one's were friendly! Many thanks for linking up to #AnimalTales


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