A call and video from Father Christmas

Since my eldest turned 2 I have created her a video message from Father Christmas using PNP [Portable North Pole].  I have done this every year and it has become a tradition for us.  I have always loved watching her face light up as Father Christmas talks to her through my computer and we watch the video unfold.

This year is no different and I have again created both girls a video from Father Christmas.  PNP however have made a few additions.  You can now create video messages for adults, and yes you can choose to put them on the naughty list.  You can even create phone calls from Father Christmas.

My eldest was not in a very good mood the other morning so I scheduled a call from Father Christmas to cheer her up.  She couldn't believe the phone was for her and that it was Father Christmas.  Needless to say she got dressed for school very quickly that morning.  I cannot think what he must have said.

Videos and calls can be created on the computer and this year also via the android app.  The app is free to download and very simple to use.  I have had to uninstall the app twice as it said error when I went in to view my created messages but this reinstall fixed the problem.

I am so glad I discovered PNP over 2 years ago as seeing the smiles on my girls faces when they see Father Christmas talk to them is amazing.  I love the new additions they have made, the apps and the phone calls as this simply adds to the magic.

I was provided with a code to create a video for the girls.  All words are my own opinion.

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