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Back in March I attended an event with Dyson. The event was to look at the new Cinetic range and I was really excited to have been invited. Before the event we were asked to send in a sample of dust from our home to be analysed. The results would be given to us after the event.

I made the journey down to London in the pouring rain and was looking forward to seeing what the event would bring. The event was held in a shopping centre near to the Olympic park. I took the opportunity to have a quick look and it did seem very impressive.

Dyson gave us an introduction to the Cinetic and explained about the design process. It was really interesting to hear this insight and learn more about it. The Cinetic is really powerful and we were shown a demonstration of it picking up baking powder of a shiny black tiled surface. It did this with ease. The Cinetic has also been designed not to tangle and of course not to loose suction.

In order to demonstrate the advantage of the Cinetic it was placed against a normal vacuum cleaner and the results were really surprising.

Overall it was an amazing day and great to chat with the engineers behind the Cinetic. In case you wondered why I haven't written this post until now, well I am still waiting for the results from my dust sample and wanted to include the results in this post to make It more complete.

I have not been asked to write this post, I am documenting the events from 2014

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