Festive pick me up

It has been one of those days today.  You know the ones when every email [except one] was an email using the words 'sorry' or 'unfortunately' and when your favourite decorations got broken.  Plus you are so tired you are struggling to keep awake.  Then you had to battle with the people in ASDA because you have run out of bread, milk and chocolate tea and unfortunately ASDA is the only place which sells chocolate tea near you [chocolate tea = chocolate Ovaltine].

After all this I then had to do the school pick up in the cold, windy and wet weather.  The walk seemed to last forever.  Lucky for me my youngest was full of festive fun and my eldest was happy to be on school holidays.  They cheered me up, especially when they decided to wear their Father Christmas dresses.

They have been good girls and gone to sleep with minimal fuss which means I can now settle down and enjoy my treat that arrived in the post today.

I think I deserve it

This day I love Festive pick me up

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