Keys to the city

There is a City that has captured my heart.  I dream of returning back there one day, it was an amazing holiday that I spent there over 7 years ago.  


When I close my eyes and need to relax I picture this Sunset.  It is the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen.  Having the privilege to see it more than once is unforgettable.  Standing on the pier and watching the sky change in colour, reflecting on the ocean.  It is beautiful.


When you first step foot in the city you become aware of their additional residents.  They are everywhere.  They form part of the history of the city and it becomes the norm to see young chicks weaving in and out of traffic.  


It has a Pirate Museum!  Famous for Pirates and shipwrecks it has everything if you love your pirates.  There are some fantastic views, if you dare to climb the towers.  Of course if you see a shipwreck ring the bell

These three things sum up my favourite city.  

Key West is beautiful like the sunset, the sights never leave you.  It is vibrant and full of colour and it feels like you are in your own world.  The cockerel represents the history and individuality.  Key West has some quirky areas and it is so unique and individual.  The Southern most point of USA and was a key route of Pirates.  I love it had all the Pirate touches.  Not to mention of course the amazing food, the butterfly house and Key Lime Pie!

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