Stars and Reindeer

It has been a very festive day today.  It started with my eldest in her first school nativity.  She has been telling me that she is playing the twinkling star.  There are 2 other stars a sparkling and a guiding according to my eldest.

My eldest was simply fantastic and smiled the whole time, until she saw her sister do this

Which then resulted in a fit of giggles.  If you were watching the nativity my daughter was in, this was why she started giggling.

I am very proud of my superstar

After my eldest was back in school I took my youngest out for some lunch and for a treat to see some reindeer.

We took a walk and discovered that it is possible to go in with the reindeer.  My youngest could not believe it

She got very excited to be in with the reindeer that I did have to calm her down

We sat on a bench and watched the reindeer.  There came a point when I hoped I had shut the gate

Thankfully I had and there was no escaping reindeer!

It was so peaceful sitting with my youngest and watching the reindeer.

This day I love Stars and Reindeer

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