My favourite read and show of 2014

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Finding time to read with two kids to look after as well as working can be tricky, when I do find time it is my favourite way to unwind. I really love reading.

One of my favourite books that I have read this year is Ready player one by Ernest Cline. I enjoy reading a mixture of book genre, but really like either crime or science fiction. I can be a little picky with both and the book has to grab me without being too over the top. Ready player one took me in.

The thing that got me with this book is that it really could happen. The book isn't far fetched and as things progress in the world it seems to become more a reality. Ready player one also took me back to some of my childhood, referencing items I could relate to.

Ready player one is also one of those books that you are really routing for the little guy to win, against all odds. With clever plot twists, and playing on your emotions it really is a great read. It has become one of those books we now also have on audio book and we always listen to it in the car on long journeys. Wil Wheaton does a great job with the narration, really bringing the characters and story to life.  Now when I read the book I hear his voice in my head as I read.

Working from home I often put on the TV just for a bit of noise, I don't really like the silence. This has lead to me discovering two TV shows which I am now addicted to. Both were not released in 2014 but both are very new to me and discovered in 2014.

The first is Castle. I had watched the first few seasons some time ago but re discovered the series recently and have been hooked every since. I love the characters and the plot twists. I really love watching crime drama and I love trying to work out what happened with the characters. If you love crime dramas you really need to give this a watch, there is a lot of humour and one of my favourite episodes is where they go back to the 70s. If you need a giggle you have to watch this episode!

The second I had heard about for ages but only discovered in the past few weeks. The reason is is because its on after Castle on a weekday so it would just come on the TV.  Then I started getting more and more into it. Rizzoli and Isles is again a crime drama, but following two very distinct female with differing personalities. Both characters are played fantastically and I love watching their friendship as well as the unfolding drama.

I would love to know what film, TV or book you have discovered in 2014 and can you recommend any good books or TV shows for me to try?

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