Angels and the Christmas tree

It is that time of year again that we start to decorate the house for Christmas.  The girls. as always. were very keen to help.  The girls put on their Father Christmas hats and started to help me decorate the tree.

My girls transformed into two beautiful angels to help with the tree decorating.  Wearing their beautiful white  100% cotton T shirts from Malcolm and Gerald.  The beautiful pink soft flocking fabric gives the angel wings an extra special feel.  The t-shirts are plain on the front and my youngest kept trying to turn around to see her angel wings.

The beautiful angels took a lot of care and attention in decorating the tree.  Thinking about where to place each decoration and which one to use.

The beautiful angels did a fantastic job at decorating my tree and looked gorgeous in their t shirts from Malcolm and Gerald.

This day I love Angels and the Christmas tree.

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