Tips for parents whose kids have eczema

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My eldest daughter has really bad eczema. Over the past four years I have found a few ways to help her cope

1. Certain washing powders make her eczema worse. Discovering which triggered her eczema was a big step forward to keeping it under control. We cannot use softener as this aggravates it more. Find out which washing powder works for you and stick to it.

2. Warm the cream in your hands before applying it. There is nothing worse than having cold cream rubbed on your skin. Making it warm encourages them to want to do it more.

3. Try to avoid tights and jeans. We discovered that tights and jeans make her eczema worse, it apps her skin cannot breathe. The heat then triggers her eczema and she gets very itchy. Wearing trousers for school has helped lots.

4. If using a mattress protector make sure it's cotton. Some of the plastic mattress protectors don't allow skin to breathe. Laid on it all night generating heat makes skin sweaty and can make eczema worse. Using a cotton protector helps to reduce some of the sweating and gives skin the chance to breathe more.

5. Try to identify a trigger. My daughters triggers are dust and heat. Tying to allow her skin to breathe has helped and keeping the dust under control also helps a great deal.

6. Don't stress if you cannot apply cream all the time. Whilst cream management is good and a great way to help alleviate eczema some days it's just not possible to apply as often as you would like. Apply as often as you can.

7. My final tip is to let kids be kids. Don't let eczema ruin childhood. Do your best, apply cream as often as you can and make it fun.

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What are your top eczema tips.

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