Date night and Dentist

My youngest daughter is rather clumsy.  She inherits it from me.  After a rather clumsy episode this week we needed a trip to the dentist.  My check up was due anyway and I thought it would be good to take the girls so they get used to what happens.

My youngest took Russell with her for comfort and he did a great job of sitting with her on the chair.  The girls asked me to go first so they could see what the dentist did, and my eldest kept asking for reassurance that they were not going to take out her teeth.  My eldest decided to take photos whilst I was in the chair but I have had to blur them because the dentist asked me to

at the dentist

My eldest went next and she was really good. She opened wide and the dentist said she had perfect teeth.  My youngest followed and she held tight to Russell.  The dentist checked and thankfully she hasn't damaged her teeth, just irritated her gum which should clear soon.  I was really proud of both my girls.  My eldest was so pleased when she came out, she got an Elsa sticker and the dentist did not take out any of her teeth.

After the dentist my Mum came round to watch the girls as it was date night.  My husband and I were going out for dinner and to check out the opening of a new cinema in Sheffield, Curzon cinema.  Whilst there were no films showing it was a real privilege to be shown around a day before it opened to the general public.

The cinema had 3 screens, all with really comfy chairs that reclined.  There was also lots of leg room which was lovely.  Curzon cinema had lots of little comfy nooks and a beautiful roof terrace.  

curzon cinema sheffield

Of course date night was also my husband birthday so when we got home it was time for birthday cake [the girls chose the candles]

birthday cake

This day I love date night and dentist 

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  1. Glad you had such a lovely day especially as you had to go to the dentist, lovely cake!

  2. Thank goodness you had a good night after a trip to the dentist. I can't stand the dentist! I'll have to check out the Curzon as it looks much nicer than the other cinemas in Sheffield.


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