Glitterbelle from Paragon Books

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Glitterbelle is the latest addition to Parragon books. She is the sparkliest princess ever, well unless you count my two girls.

Glitterbelle loves creative play and all things sparkly, which is just perfect for my girls. The glitterbelle range includes activity books and even a secret diary. The activity books are aimed at creativity, with princess smoothies to make and lots of spaces to answer questions and draw pictures.

Glitterbelle is very sparkly and purple, which makes a change from the pink princess you often see. It is also lovely to see a princess encouraging creativity and messiness. This makes a welcome change and great encouragement for my girls.


There seems to be a lot in one activity book, meaning that you seem to have lots to keep you occupied rather than it be compete within an hour. The book and diary do seemed more aimed at 6 years and over, so whilst my girls (2 and 4) enjoyed the pictures they struggled a little with some of the activities.

I think the glitter belle range would make a perfect present for either a family member or a friend and certainly something for the girls in a year or two.

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