Messy play Love

My eldest daughter needed a way to unwind after school today and I thought messy play would be a good way to do this.  I had decided upon a new media for her to play with.  I mixed 2 cups of corn flower to 1/2 cup of raspberry shampoo.  This created a lovely soft dough.  Although it wasn't like play dough it was much softer, it was similar to gloop when it solidifies and was so lovely to stretch and play with.

I added a few drops of pink food colouring and it looked a little like an Eton mess [which made me hungry] and it smelt like one too

eldest with messy play

The dough smelt amazing.  It was great for my youngest just to have a bit of fun and unwind after school.  I pressed my hand into the dough and she loved placing her hand inside my hand print.  

Our handprints

We decided to have some fun with some shape cutters and my youngest wanted to play with the Love heart cutter

Love heart messy play

This would make a perfect activity for Valentines day too.  With the pink dough and raspberry scent, a beautiful messy play idea.

This day I love messy play love

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  1. Oh how fun! My kid's play dough dried up recently, this would be fun to make!

    1. It is so easy to make and so much fun to play with

  2. this sounds fab - I can almost smell it! what a fab idea xx

  3. Looks like fun, I made some valentine's salt dough with my little one last year, but that was more to have a keepsake of his hands because he was only 3 months old! xx

    1. what a lovely keep sake. This was more play than keep sake


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