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My girls love messy play. They enjoy playing with the different textures, discovering new things and exploring with their senses. I love watching them play and messy play is also a great way for them to learn. There are lots of advantages to messy play. I spend quite a bit of my time looking through pinterest for messy play ideas and have created a few boards, if you are in need of inspiration.

The great thing about messy play, other than the already mentioned reasons, is that is only takes a few simple household ingredients. Things like shampoo, shaving foam and body wash are often keen ingredients. The issue I have is that messy play can then turn out to be quite expensive.

I have quite sensitive skin to items such as shower gel and so I need to be careful what I use. A bottle of original source mint shower gel costs £2.49 for 250ml. It is one of my favourites but for messy play it works out a little too much. Even some Radox shower gels can cost 95p, which may not seem a lot but soon add up when you use a whole bottle. I end up buying two bottles, one for me and one for messy play. The same goes for other health and beauty items.

I have begun looking for other places to shop in order to save me money, without compromising on quality. After seeing the TV adverts, ‘Swap January’ #AldiChallenge, I decided to look at Aldi. The January switch and save campaign I thought was worth trying.

shower gelshampoo

The question therefore is does Aldi really live up to the big name brands? The answer is simply yes. I have had no problems using Aldi shampoo, shower gel or other beauty products. To be honest I cannot tell a difference and with shower gel at 69p I have even saved money, meaning I don't have to worry about the cost of messy play.

I am guessing you are wondering if the girls have noticed?

eldest messy play

The answer to that is no, their messy play is just as much fun and now I have money left over for some nice treats.  Spend a Little, Live a Lot!

This s a featured post with Aldi, for which I received a selection of health and beauty items.  

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